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Digital Communication in Tourism

We combine digital communication tools with an extensive knowledge of the tourism sector, the market needs and tourist profiles. We reach qualified audiences. We convert communication into business. We measure return on investment.

Why invest in Digital Marketing in Tourism?

  • To be present on the digital channels where tourists search the most
  • To reach audiences more likely to buy the tourist product
  • To sell ​​to more distant tourist markets faster and at a lower cost
  • Improve market positioning and competitiveness
  • To increase awareness of the business or tourist destination

More than 80% of Portuguese tourists book travel, accommodation and tourist activities on online channels. Direct reserves have increased significantly in recent years.

3 key tools to communicate on digital channels

  • Website – Clean, attractive, intuitive, with SEO strategy and mobile responsive
  • Social Networks – Dynamic, interactive, updated and with dreaming content
  • Email-Marketing – Personalized, exclusive offers and engagement generator

9 out of 10 tourists visit the destination’s website and official social networks before traveling. It has considerably increased the number of tourists who, on a trip, prefer to find information on the official websites than visiting a Tourist Office.

  1. To reach more qualified audiences, bet on sponsored campaigns on Social Networks and Google. Select the markets where you really want to penetrate.   
  2. On Facebook always use the Ads Manager of the Business Manager of the company or tourist destination, as this allows greater customization of the campaign.

What we do

Development of tourist websites

We develop websites for companies and tourist destinations optimized for segmented digital marketing campaigns, able to align the offer with the target markets and attract qualified tourist flows.

Social media management

We streamline social networks of companies and tourist destinations, based on a digital marketing strategy, defined to capture and stimulate the interest of current and potential customers. 

The results of IPDT’s Digital Marketing campaigns are converted into numbers to support strategic decision-making by companies and tourist destinations.

Digital presence planning and management

We are specialists in the management and implementation of digital marketing strategies throughout the value chain of communication in tourism. We define the positioning and branding strategy, the communication supports and implement and evaluate the digital promotion campaigns.

Tourism Promotional Videos

We design promotional videos for companies and tourist destinations to optimize their online presence. We define the strategy and the concept. We developed the script. We select the elements. We monitor the production. We adapt to various formats.