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Tourism Agenda | 2024

IPDT – Tourism Consultancy has launched its 2024 Tourism Agenda, identifying the top priorities for the sector for the months ahead. 

The proposals for the IPDT-Tourism Agenda result from a wide range of contributions from professionals and academics who operate in and research the sector, reflecting the significant issues that will impact tourism in 2024.

A participatory tourism agenda.

IPDT – Tourism Consultancy listened to the opinions of professionals and academics who operate in and research the sector, creating a mosaic of the needs and challenges that will shape the tourism landscape in 2024.
This initiative sought to identify the priority areas of intervention that are essential for the sustainable progress of tourism.

The contributions have now been incorporated into a strategic document that presents the main themes, priorities, and challenges companies and destinations will face in 2024!


Tourism Agenda by IPDT has three editions. A strategic document with recommendations for destinations and companies in the tourism sector.


contributions from local authority officials, tourism higher education institutions, tour operators, associations, and agents in the sector.


proposals and solutions to support decision-making by destinations and companies in the tourism sector.

Find out the Top 5 priorities in the Tourism Agenda | 2024

Adoption of sustainable tourism practices
This priority is strongly addressed by the research participants, with the credibility of the institutions that certify or distinguish companies or municipalities being seen as crucial for the adoption of these processes.


Training and valorization of of tourism professionals
Participants refer the urgent need to provide quality training to the existing workforce and to promote the importance of tourism professions to attract well prepared staff to the industry. This is seen as key to achieve excellence and competitiveness through the service provided.

Qualification and diversification of tourism offers
At a time when tourism thrives on novelty, the sector needs differentiating experiences that represent innovative alternatives to travelers. Thus, investing in the qualification and diversification of tourism offers is seen as paramount for organizations and destinations’ success.

Equitable distribution of tourist flows throughout the territory
Territorial cohesion is of upmost importance, with particular emphasis on promoting tourism in low-density areas to distribute flows fairly throughout the country and the year.

Tourism innovation, digitalization, and research
With this priority respondents want to highlight the importance of exploiting the potential of AI for the tourism sector, to leverage innovation, diversification of experiences and the importance of collaboration.