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Tourism, Health and Beauty

Specialized strategic consulting services, to boost, promote and sell health and beauty services/treatments to international tourists visiting Portugal.

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Why should health and beauty care companies invest in tourism?

  • Opportunity for business diversification and expansion across international markets
  • Increased travel due to the normalization of airline connections
  • Higher openness of people to perform health and beauty treatments in foreign countries
  • Improved willingness of tourists to perform aesthetic procedures during their trips
  • Beautification trips in growth
  • Tourist operations more attentive to new travel concepts

According to Patients Beyond Borders, Americans can save up to more than 30% on health and beauty treatments, if they choose to have them done in Brazil.

Why should someone do health and beauty treatments in Portugal while doing tourism?

  • Clinics and doctors with recognized quality and innovative treatments
  • Very competitive quality/price relation of treatments, when compared to the offer of the Center and North of Europe
  • Portugal is considered the best tourist destination in the world – an award that has been achieved and maintained in the last years
  • Dynamics of national tourism communication

Portugal Brand: In 2020, Portugal was elected the best tourism brand in Europe, in the Country Brand Awards

Why use IPDT to attract international clients?

  • IPDT is the Portuguese tourism consultancy company with the best knowledge of national and international tourist market
  • Highly experienced, with proven results in attracting tourists to Portugal
  • Consulting company awarded with the Medal of Tourist Merit by the Portuguese Government
  • Team specialized in marketing and digital communication strategies
  • Direct channel between the client and IPDT staff for technical advice

Access to privileged information, resulting from its active presence in the main national and international tourism organizations – World Tourism Organization; World Sustainable Tourism Council; Porto Airport Consultative Council; Porto Tourism Association.

What results do we guarantee?

01. Reach

Reaching audiences of high interest

02. Contacts

Generate more contacts from international customers

03. Search

Generate more appointments and budget requests

04. Communication

Differentiate the company’s communication from other competitors

05. Visibility

Increase the followers/interactions on social networks

What do we do?

IPDT Services

Communication Strategy

  • Identify the communication channels to be adopted
  • Define target markets and segments to be reached
  • Establish actions to be implemented and estimate the budget
IPDT Services

Client portfolio management and maximization

  • Capturing and managing lead contacts
  • Nurture the relationship between the company and the lead
  • Bring lead closer to the moment of purchase
  • Convert lead into a client
IPDT Services

Social and Search Ads Management

  • Boost digital presence of the clinics on social networks
  • Promote treatments through search engine advertising
  • Efficiently manage investment, directing it to strategic audiences
IPDT Services

Connect businesses to tourism operation

  • Propose, create and manage a network of tourism service providers
  • Promote strategic meetings with Tour Operators
  • Structure integrated tourist experiences