IPDT® E-book - Guide to Tourism Recovery

The COVID-19 pandemic was a lever for behavioral change with effects on tourist consumption. In this moment of anticipation of the recovery and preparation for the future, it is essential to realize that the tourism of the next decade will be very different.

As part of its commitment to sustainable tourism development, IPDT® launches the e-book “Guide to Tourism Recovery” with the aim of contributing to better decision-making by managers of companies and tourist destinations.


The criteria that will guide demand in the future will naturally be different. We will see changes in customer behavior, which will seek safety first. Compliance with and adoption of safety standards and measures by tourist facilities and equipment, taking into account that health and / or food security will be a priority.

Rita MarquesSecretary of State for Tourism
Secretária de Estado do Turismo

We continue to focus on this goal to mobilize the entire sector, in order to position ourselves as best as possible so that we can take advantage of the economic recovery when it appears. That is why we mobilized so many resources to support companies during the pandemic.
The outlined objective was to give conditions to companies to remain viable, because in the future Tourism will be, once again, one of the main, if not the main, engine of economic growth and generator of employment, wealth and social welfare.

Luís AraújoPresident of the Portuguese Tourism Board
Presidente do Turismo de Portugal

COVID-19 appears as an opportunity to reflect on a new model for the development of tourist destinations.
The answer to this new reality lies in a new model of tourism growth, in which destinations will be committed to sustainability, territorial and social cohesion, innovation, entrepreneurship and technology and valuing people

António Jorge CostaIPDT® President

5 conclusions you will find in the e-book “Guide to Tourism Recovery”

2022: the year of full recovery

2022 results should be close to those seen in 2019

Security is even more important

Security will be more important than the price for the destination decision.

Nature and well-being are preferred

Companies and destinations must structure new offers for tourists that integrate wellness and nature activities.

Sustainability is the golden key

Companies and destinations with sustainable practices will be more valued.


In the long term, tourists should increase demand for refund rates.

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