Tourism Strategy and Marketing

The success of tourism depends on the planning and development of an integrated strategy for the sector that guides the activities of companies and tourist destinations.

How we can help

Strategic and marketing plans for tourism development

IPDT promotes a complete analysis of the dynamics of demand and supply in tourism destinations. Throughout the planning process we involve the opinion of tour operators and residents, ensuring that the Strategic Tourism Plan will respond to the different needs of the territory. The Tourism Strategy and Marketing Policy will propose a vision and a different positioning in the market and a model for sustainable tourism development.


Tourism marketing consultancy

IPDT develops consultancy in tourism marketing for companies and tourist destinations, advising on the development of Business Plans, Market Research, Strategies for Tourism development and Marketing Plans. IPDT has a tourism marketing and communication department, specialized in creating content and developing and leveraging tourist brands.


Creation of promotional supports

We develop communication supports for tourism that allow companies and tourist destinations to strengthen their notoriety in the market and improve the quality of the information available. All materials are part of a strategic and creative process to reach target audiences and respond to their needs at all times during the tourist experience.


Organization and management of promotional events

IPDT supports the organization of presstrips, blogtrips and famtrips, having a vast data base composed of tour operators, travel agencies, DMC’s, specialist press and national and international digital bloggers / influencers.

Tourism Destinations

Strategic and marketing plans for tourism development

We analyze in an integrated way

  •     The offer and the level of attractiveness
  •     Current and potential demand
  •     The performance and economic impact of tourism

We answer essential questions of tourism development

  • How to transform resources into tourism products with national and international attractiveness?
  • How to involve residents in tourism development?
  • How to attract tourists to a destination?
  • How to attract international tourists in their home markets?
  • How to guarantee the sustainability of tourism development?

We guarantee results

  • Involvement and support of residents in the tourism strategy
  • Increased national and international notoriety
  • Increase in tourist flows
  • Attraction of investors and new business
  • Multi-sectoral economic growth
  • Raising awareness of the importance of sustainable tourism development
Companies and Tourism Destinations

Tourism marketing consultancy

We use our own methodologies and produce operational reports that guide the implementation of the proposals

  • Assistance to the development of tourism companies
  • Business plans and economic and financial feasibility studies for tourism projects
  • Brand creation and management
Companies and Tourism Destinations

Creation of communication and promotion supports

We have a profound knowledge of the markets, the consumption behavior and the tastes and needs of tourists.

We know exactly what elements must be included in the communication to guarantee the usefulness, relevance and effectiveness of each support produced.

  •     tourist guides
  •     tourist brochures
  •     tourist maps
  •     merchandising
Companies and Tourism Destinations

Organization and management of promotional events

Presentation and familiarization events of tourism destinations

We have a data base composed of tour operators, travel agencies, DMC’s, specialist press and national and international digital bloggers / influencers, which allows us to organize and manage events for the presentation and familiarization of tourism destinations.

Our famtrips, presstrips and blogtrips have become very effective communication and promotion tools from the point of view of leveraging the notoriety of tourism destinations.


The process of these events goes through three phases of familiarization with the destination with results of increased tourist flows:

  •     Knowledge
  •     Recognition
  •     Recommendation

Organization and management of strategic presence in tourism fairs

The presence at fairs, or similar events, only makes sense with strategic orientation and with objectives of achieving well-defined results. IPDT guides its customers through participation, taking the following actions:

  •     Choice of events
  •     Defining the participation strategy
  •     Advising on the operationalization of the presence mode
  •     Assessment of presence